The wedding of my daughter, Jenn

I’m so thrilled to announce that my daughter, Jenn, married the love of her life, Matthew, in the village of Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. My wife, Mary, and our two other children, Alex and Stacey, had the privilege to attend a very loving, heartwarming, and memorable ceremony. The church was overflowing with love and support from two families joining. We are so proud to welcome Matthew, our new son, and his many relatives into our lives. Mary and I are blessed and will cherish the memories of this day forever.

Back row: Alex and Stacey (my children)
Front Row: Mary (my wife), Jenn (my daughter), Matthew (my new son), and Gogs (me!)

Jenn (my daughter), Matthew (my new son)

Proud parents: Mary and Gogs

My new family;
Back row: Gogs and Matthew
Second Row: Pat, Dylon, Fran, Jenn, Mary, Stacey
Front Row: Karen, Bernice, Alex
Photographer: Nich

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my prostate cancer diagnosis and lessons learned. You can read all my family posts under Gogs’ Family.

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7 comments on “The wedding of my daughter, Jenn

  1. Many congratulations to you and your family what joyous occasions we can take so much pleasure in by giving of ourselves to our children. May she take the love of her parents and bring it to her blessed new life as a partner and a wife. And I’m so glad that pesky prostate said goodbye to let you walk her down the aisle. I’ve always found the terms “giving away” a daughter so misleading and archaic because you gain a bigger more joyous family when a child decides to wed. Many happy years to you all as a family!

    1. Thank you so much, Ilene. I teared up a bit reading your message. I’m so happy we connected! You are a wise and loving soul.

  2. Oh, Gogs.<blush blush, twists foot behind leg, bows head) I’m honored by our friendship brought about in the most unlikely way. I wonder to myself sometimes if the reasons for our own story’s are after all ways in which we add so much beauty to our lives even through the fear and the tears theres also so much joy. How would a woman from the US in high tech trouncing around the world working have ever met a Canadian with a completely different background? Or any of the people I’ve come to know and care about along the way. I suppose there’s no gifts of cancer – we stop and find the beauty along the way of our new paths and we never had the time or inclination to notice before. Perhaps thats the only saving grace of such a terrible diagnosis.

    1. I’m so honoured and proud to be your friend, Ilene. Your words touch me as they are so vivid and heartfelt. You might be right that the only saving grace about a cancer diagnosis is it brings an opportunity to meet angles like you.

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