“Such a pleasure to read an honest account of the impact prostate cancer has upon physical, mental and sexual health and relationships. In the course of my work helping couples to regain their sex lives and educating healthcare professionals to talk about sex, I have met and spoken to few men who are happy to share their experience in the way Gogs has done.”

— Samantha Evans, Sexual Health & Pleasure Expert
Director and Co-Founder of JoDivine.com
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

“Gogs’ personal account helps shed light on what to expect and questions to consider asking during prostate cancer treatment. His mix of sensitivity and humour makes for an easy, enjoyable read.”

— Victoria Cullen, PhD Researcher and Sexual Recovery Specialist
Founder of ATouchySubject.com
Melbourne, Australia

“Gogs gives more than voice to every man who is dealing with prostate cancer. He gives them his hand. And these men’s journey can be much lighter after reading this must-have book. It’s essential for every man, even those who don’t have to deal with cancer.”

— Carola Schmidt, Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist
Curitiba, Brazil
Author of Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer

“A riveting account of the challenges of prostate cancer diagnosis and management from a prostate cancer survivor. A recommended read for prostate cancer patients, caregivers and advocates. Gogs’ experience documented in this book will no doubt be a guide to all.”

— Dr. Mohammed Taofiq, MD, FWACS
University of Ilorin teaching hospital, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

“This book details the personal journey of Gogs Gagnon through his prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. It is very well-written and provides a valuable resource for other patients with prostate cancer and their families.”

Dr. Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc
Urologist, Prostate Cancer Researcher and Radio Host
New York, New York

Prostate Cancer Strikes is quite a bible and has a tremendous amount of information.”

Maureen McGrath, RN
Radio Host of the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show
Vancouver, BC

Prostate Cancer Strikes was a good read and will be an excellent addition to many other books on prostate cancer, but with a difference. Gogs Gagnon provides very keen observations throughout, from the early stages to treatment and recovery. It’s clear he has done a lot of research on the topic.”

— Ted Butterfield, past Chair
Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

“A great read and well put together. Gogs has a gift, and I loved it. This book is a must for those who experienced prostate cancer and those about to.”

Vic Lombardi
TV Reporter, Host and prostate cancer survivor
Altitude Sports and Entertainment, Denver, Colorado

Prostate Cancer Strikes is an easy read, and I particularly like his jocular references to science fiction and general writing style. Gogs gets into the nitty-gritty of diagnosis and treatment and acknowledges what he should have done differently, which is helpful for the reader.”

Dr. Tom Pickles, MB MD MRCP FRCPC
Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency, UBC Professor
Co-author of the bestseller The Intelligent Patient Guide to Prostate Cancer

“Written as a personal narrative, this book gives an honest account of a man’s experience with the stress and uncertainties of prostate testing and ultimately his prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Peppered with humor and touching anecdotes, the book describes his process of choosing a treatment plan and how he overcame side effects. Gogs also includes some of his regrets about the process and turns these regrets into recommendations to the reader. This is one of the most valuable things a book can do: translate a person’s personal trial into a teaching to spare the next person some of the pain.”

— Dr. Beverly A. Zavaleta, MD
Family Doctor and Breast cancer survivor, Brownsville, Texas
Author of Braving Chemo: What to Expect, How to Prepare and How to Get Through It

Prostate Cancer Strikes is a beautifully written personal yet comprehensive and concisely laid out narrative describing Gogs’ journey after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is a wonderful resource for newly diagnosed patients, and I highly recommend they get hold of this book since it will address their concerns and significantly decrease their anxiety as it guides them through the various phases of treatment.”

— Vanita Gaglani, RPT
Melbourne Beach, Florida
Author of Life After Prostate Cancer and Other Medical Conditions: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stop Urinary Leakage in Ten Weeks

“If you have prostate cancer or know someone who does, read this book. Period.”

— Tim Fitzgerald
Sportswriter, Radio Host, TV Personality, living with prostate cancer
Founder of Blue Shamrock Society, Manhattan, Kansas

Prostate Cancer Strikes is the best book-length, prostate cancer patient’s story that I have read so far. It tops the list for being medically accurate, well written, insightful, and maintaining a positive perspective. It is genuinely inspirational, and when one is done reading the book, one feels like they wish they could be more like Gogs Gagnon in terms of facing the world…whether in illness or health.”

Richard Wassersug, PhD
 Co-author of Androgen Deprivation Therapy: An Essential Guide for Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones

“I found Gogs’ narrative compelling. Newly diagnosed patients and their families, anxious for some authentic yet reader-friendly information, can get a sense of what they may be dealing with.”

— David R. Conn
Freelance researcher, writer, editor, library journal reviewer, and prostate cancer survivor

“Gogs’ storytelling is authentic, inspiring, and a story worth sharing with any who is curious about what patients feel and how the patient hears and how the patient manages through cancer. He shares powerful insights with humor and charm, and he eloquently allows us the audience to easily access his emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed his story.”

— Gina B. Carithers
Founder and CEO of UroToday.com
Chicago, Illinois

Prostate Cancer Strikes is a perfect read for men (and for their partners too!) who are facing prostate cancer. Gogs shares his journey from diagnosis through his treatment – with some humor – and a reminder to know your PSA because early detection can save your life!”

— Rhonda Samuel, M.A., Executive Director
Integrated Medical Foundation, imfcares.org
Roslyn, New York

“As a medical practitioner that treats prostate cancer, it was invaluable to read a patient’s journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond — an excellent read for anyone impacted by this disease.”

— Dr. Aaron Clark, MD, FRCSC
North Island Urology, Courtenay, BC

“Gagnon’s musings are enhanced with his situational humor, balancing the seriousness of his diagnosis. Others going through these stages will be comforted.”

Dr. Michael A. Geffin, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Director, Advanced Prostate Cancer Care
Greater Boston Urology, Dedham, Massachusetts

“This is such an insightful and educational story. Any man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer should read this book early in his journey.”

— Connie Degenstein, BScN, RN
Resource Nurse
Island Prostate Centre, Victoria, BC

“I found myself crying, laughing and cheering . . . I wish this book had been available when my husband and I first received the frightening news he had prostate cancer.”

Glenda Standeven, inspirational speaker and bone cancer survivor
Author of What Men Won’t Talk About . . . And Women need to Know: A Woman’s Perspective on Prostate Cancer

“Insightful, sensitive and helpful . . . The subject of cancer is complex, but this book manages to present sufficient detail for readers to come away more knowledgeable.”

— Dr. Daniela Chifor, MD, CCFP
Family Physician, Clinical Instructor
University of British Columbia

“Gogs Gagnon’s honesty and humility offers all men diagnosed with prostate cancer the grounding and confidence they will need to seek out the doctors and treatments that are best for them and to take control of their prostate cancer journey.”

— Brian Lynch, CEO
Nuada Medical Prostate Experts
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

“I truly believe that Gogs Gagnon’s research and personal understanding of the disease will help others, whether they are facing prostate cancer themselves, or are simply curious about it. Prostate Cancer Strikes intricately weaves together elements of courage, strength and humour to create a beautiful depiction of Gogs’ journey with and beyond the disease. Gogs’ calm and kind demeanour is on high display, creating an infectious philosophy of peace, even among the most challenging circumstances. Sharing everything from cathartic emotional releases to the more trying activities of daily recovery, Gogs has a simple but effective way of putting things into perspective. His raw account of embracing fears and celebrating life will no doubt empower others to make choices that will enable them to live their own full and healthy lives. Prostate Cancer Strikes shows that there is light in the face of adversity, and love both in yourself and those around you.”

— Arden Bagni
Daughter of a prostate cancer survivor

“This book gives much-needed insight from a patient’s aspect, and Gogs’ description of his experience is a wonderful read.”

— Linda Hoetger, Social Media Ambassador
ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer
Canal Winchester, Ohio

“An informative account of a journey that too many of us make.”

— Joe Dahoy
Chair, Prostate Cancer Support Group, Campbell River, Canada
Executive Member, Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

“A must read for anyone (and their families) who is given the diagnosis of cancer.”

— Zosia Ettenberg, CEO
Langley Pos-Abilities Society, BC
Breast cancer survivor and author of Cancer — I Won!

“Inspirational . . . Gagnon addresses every question you could imagine, including all the questions that you may even be afraid to speak to your doctor about.”

— Michael Aikins, Chief Administrative Officer
The Views at St. Joseph’s
Comox, BC

Prostate Cancer Strikes is informative, candid and told with wisdom and true emotion.”

— Amanda Walz
Daughter of a breast cancer survivor

“A great book recommendation for your patients.” — UroToday.com

“Essential reading for medical and nursing students.” — JoDivine.com