I Pretended to Be Tough After Learning of my Cancer Diagnosis

Men are often discouraged by society from openly sharing their emotions. A cancer survivor explains why lessons from childhood around how men should behave prevented him from finding support for his mental health.

Getting a cancer diagnosis is devastating, and as a result, I made several mistakes and oversights. I only thought about the physical impacts without considering my emotional needs. Even my healthcare team never alerted me of the mental impacts of a cancer diagnosis. The focus was purely on cancer and dealing with the physical side effects of treatment. I have since learned that it’s critical to treat the whole person and not just the disease.

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4 comments on “I Pretended to Be Tough After Learning of my Cancer Diagnosis

  1. Thank you for sharing the importance pf speaking out as a man Gogs. It really is heartbreaking to know that men can sometimes feel silenced due to society’s perception of how tough they should be. How awful! More and more men are now allowing their feelings to be shared and this is encouraged by wonderful people like your wife. She didn’t push the situation, you knew you enough to understand who you are and what you might be going through.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Cheryl. At first, I didn’t want to talk about my cancer diagnosis. I didn’t even want my wife to know about it. But sharing turned out to be extremely liberating and therapeutic. I wouldn’t have faired as well with my wife.

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