Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Surgery

“Like a faithful companion, always eager to please, my erections never let me down. That all changed after my prostatectomy,” Gogs writes.

gogs gagnon author of prostate cancer strikesBefore my prostate cancer diagnosis, I took my erections for granted. That is, I never gave them a second thought. They were always reliable, required no foreplay, and were ready for action day or night within a moment’s notice. It wasn’t particularly unusual to get an erection, or two, during the day, even when I didn’t want one.

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A PDF copy is also available: Navigating Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Surgery.

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If you’re newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and live in Canada 🇨🇦 please request a free Reef Knot Kit from Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada. Each kit contains a copy of my book, . For more details, please read the Announcement in my local paper.

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  1. Heartfelt Gogs. Thank you for sharing your experience. This article will help other men to understand what is happening to them, who to speak to. Such an important subject which needs much more attention.

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