Interview by The Prostate Health Podcast

It was an honour to be a guest on The Prostate Health Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Garrett Pohlman, a board-certified Urologist still actively practicing in a busy private Urology group in the Midwest. Every day he helps men in diagnosing and managing their prostate issues. Since finishing Urology residency training in 2013, Dr. Pohlman has treated over 4,000 men with various prostate conditions.

The Prostate Health Podcast aims to give men the tools they need to be proactive about their healthcare, taking the initiative to maintain their health and be ready and educated to manage the problems that may come along the way. I strongly encourage you to listen to the entire series!

It’s important to note that I had no notable symptoms, even though my cancer was in the final stage before breaching the prostate. Without testing, my cancer was free to grow undetected.

Listen to Gogs’ interview.

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