Guest Speaker at Island Prostate Centre

Being a guest speaker at the Island Prostate Centre support group meeting in Victoria, BC, was an absolute pleasure and an honour.

In this session, I had the opportunity to share my prostate cancer diagnosis with members of the Island Prostate Centre. It took me a few years to realize that sharing is hugely therapeutic. And belonging to a group is very bonding. If I could do one thing differently, that would be to join a support group at first diagnosis, even before deciding on treatment.

Gogs’ Introduction

Gogs Gagnon is a retired computer programmer who has developed games for Apple Computer and utility software for IBM. He was the lead programmer and data architect for the BC Government for over 35 years before retiring in 2015.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 57, Gogs opted for a prostatectomy. Currently, he is 39 months NED and has since written a book named “.” His YouTube channel has several short videos capturing details of his diagnosis, surgery, and recovery. Gogs has a blog on his website and is a Prostate Cancer Foundation BC support group council member.

Recently, Gogs has taken on an advocacy role as a Content Contributor for Health Union, writing articles for the community. In this role, he will write a series of articles sharing lessons learned from his prostate cancer diagnosis. His debut article, “Prostate Cancer Symptoms…Or Lack Thereof,” is already published and well-received.

Please check out Gogs’ presentation on YouTube; Gogs Gagnon – Patient Experience.

Or you can watch a copy on my YouTube channel;

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I’m grateful for the interview and the opportunity to share my prostate cancer diagnosis and lessons learned. You can listen to all my interviews under Gogs’ Interviews.

If you’re newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and live in Canada 🇨🇦 please request a free Reef Knot Kit from Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada. Each kit contains a copy of my book, . For more details, please read the Announcement in my local paper.

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