Announcing the 33 Cancer Books Winner!

The fantastic collection of 33 cancer books giveaway, hosted by Carola Schmidt and Gogs Gagnon, is now closed. The closing date and time of the giveaway was midnight, June 30, 2020, PDT. It’s a thrill to announce that an entry has been selected randomly as the winner.

A huge congratulations to The Gathering Place from Beachwood, Ohio!

The authors are currently in the process of shipping copies of their paperback books. Please expect that the books may arrive on different days as each author is mailing their own books. We asked the winner to email us a picture of the complete set of books once received. As it’s always exciting for the authors to see their books travel to new locations!

Update: The winner has posted a photo of the books on their Facebook page!

The authors send a big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Your support means a lot to us! Please stay tuned as we organize and announce future giveaways. Carola and I give a special thank you to the authors who generously donated their books. You helped make this giveaway possible and a huge success!

To view the details of the giveaway and the free books included, please visit fantastic collection details.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my prostate cancer diagnosis and lessons learned. You can read all my previous giveaways under Book Sales and Giveaways.

If you’ve read my prostate cancer memoir, please consider writing a review on , Goodreads, and other online sites. Your review is deeply appreciated, helps with visibility, and lets others know if this book is right for them. If you already wrote a review, I’m sincerely grateful for your time.

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