Finding solace during the pandemic

While cutting the grass, I thought about the massive effort underway around the world to help flatten the COVID-19 curve and rid the world of the virus.

I have a high level of respect for our healthcare professionals. I’m extremely grateful for their exceptional service during my prostatectomy and stay in the hospital. I’m forever grateful for the doctors and nurses who went the extra mile to provide excellent care and support. Let’s give them, and all the essential workers, the support and respect they deserve.

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A PDF copy is also available: Reflecting on COVID-19 as a Person with Cancer.

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If you’re newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and live in Canada 🇨🇦 please request a free Reef Knot Kit from Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada. Each kit contains a copy of my book, . For more details, please read the Announcement in my local paper.

6 comments on “Finding solace during the pandemic

  1. Well said Gogs. Deepest admiration for the front-line workers of all types. My wife and I go out sparingly when we find it necessary and we never cease to admire and appreciate the efforts of those employed; hats of to your children. Stay safe and we will wrestle this devil back to hell!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Harlin. Hats off to all essential workers, and it looks like social distancing is the Achilles heel of this beast!

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