Snow in the Comox Valley brings joy to our dog Maya

Our senior dog Maya, a 12-year old Saint-Bernard/German-Shepherd cross, is having a blast in the snow. She said, “Finally, we get some decent weather on Vancouver Island.” She’s been an awesome companion during my prostate cancer treatment and recovery. Although, we disagree on what qualifies as decent weather!

Here’s the rest of the team. From the left, my wife Mary, Maya, Me, and Nelly. Unlike Maya, Nelly is not a fan of this weather, and I agree with her!

Maya woke me up at 3 am, as she needed to go outside to use the bathroom. You know you love your dog when you don’t mind getting up, putting on your boots and grabbing a shovel to make a path in the snow. Afterwards, she wanted a cookie and a drink of water before going back to bed. In my next life, I want to be a dog, and she can be my owner.

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