BC Support Group Council elects Gogs Gagnon as executive member

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC Support Group Council, bc, canada, executive

I’m deeply honoured and humbled to be nominated and elected to serve as an executive member of the BC Support Group Council (I’m front row, center) for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC.

The BC Support Group Council represents the interests of all prostate cancer support groups in the province of BC, Canada. I’m elected to serve the prostate cancer support groups in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.

The American Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society estimates that for 2019, in the US and Canada alone, approximately 195,950 men (174,650 American, 21,300 Canadian) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, of which roughly 35,720 men (31,620 American, 4,100 Canadian) will die from the disease.

On average, that’s almost 537 North American men diagnosed with — and nearly 98 who will die from — the disease every single day in 2019 (that’s about one man every 15 minutes). The lifetime probability for men to develop prostate cancer in Canada is 1 in 7, while in America, it’s 1 in 9.

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