Prostate Cancer Strikes: Now Published!

gogs gagnon with his wife

My wife, Mary, encouraged me to start a journal and write openly about my experience to help cope with my prostate cancer diagnosis. At first, I had no plan to share my journal with anyone. However, many friends, family, and coworkers reached out to ask how I was doing. Therefore, I decided it was important to share some of my writing with them. And to my surprise, they all encouraged me to keep on writing. The feedback was so positive that it motivated me to write a book. And it was important to me not to leave anything out. I wanted it to be complete, uncensored, and medically accurate. Although, I didn’t realize the amount of time and effort required to write a book.

After a year of full-time writing, day and night, I thought my book was complete. After finding a publisher, I found out differently. The publisher loved my writing but referred to it as a work-in-progress! I was a little taken back, but after a lengthy discussion, I realized the publisher was right. There were many suggestions. However, there was one that instantly resonated with me. That was if I had to go through this experience again, would I do anything differently. After giving it some thought, I rolled up my sleeves and got back to writing.

My book is published!

gogs gagnon with new copies of prostate cancer strikesAfter another year of full-time writing, I finally had a finished product. So I thought. It took another six months of editing and rewriting. And now, after two and a half years of writing, I’m proud to say my book, Prostate Cancer Strikes: Navigating the Storm, is published!

It was a real labour of love, and I found it incredibly therapeutic to put pen to paper. Although an incredible about of work, and at times very emotional, it was extremely worthwhile knowing others may benefit from reading. Now that my book is published, I’m overwhelmed by the touching reviews and feel blessed. My sincerest heartfelt thank you for taking the time to read my memoir, and I appreciate your review to let others know if this book is right for them. My thoughts are with all touched by cancer.💖

If you’re newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and living in Canada 🇨🇦 please order a free Reef Knot Kit, which includes a copy of my book. For more details, please read the Announcement in my local paper.

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