PSA results, 21-months post-surgery

psa blood test

It’s that time again for another follow-up PSA blood test. Here’s me in the car, outside the lab, getting ready for my fifth test since surgery 21-months ago. I was hoping to take a picture inside — however, no-photos allowed.

Since the prostate is the only organ that produces PSA, any rise without a prostate suggests that there are still prostate cancer cells in the body that escaped and survived treatment. Over time, these cells can multiply, spread, and produce enough PSA to become detectable. I may need to consider secondary treatment in the event my PSA rises to 0.2 ng/ml or above.

Therefore, it’s always an anxious time waiting for results. I’m fortunate to use a lab that posts the results online. Less than seven hours after taking a vial of my blood, the results are in! <0.008 ng/ml, or in other words UNDETECTABLE, my new favourite word!

Next test in six months.

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