PSA Blood Test

Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay.

It’s true the PSA test cannot detect prostate cancer. However, I consider it a perfect test for measuring and monitoring PSA levels in the bloodstream. The readings are extremely accurate and a brilliant way to watch for trends and fast-rising results.

In my opinion, the whole point of screening for prostate cancer is to ensure it’s not already in an advanced stage. If you wait for symptoms, it’s most likely already spread. If you catch it early, that doesn’t necessarily mean treatment is required. I know a lot of guys that take better care of their car over their health. Early detection gives the most options, including active surveillance. By the time the engine oil light flashes, damage may have already occurred. In other words, don’t wait for symptoms.

Men, please consider asking your doctor for both a DRE and a PSA blood test.

TODAY’s Al Roker and Craig Melvin teamed with the New Jersey Devils for a new PSA with a very good cause. The team is going on the offensive against prostate cancer.

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