Gogs gets a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE)

The DRE missed my tumour

The digital rectal examination, or DRE for short, is a procedure that checks the prostate for anomalies. The doctor will lubricate a gloved finger and insert it into the rectum. The purpose is to feel for lumps, soft or hard spots, or anything unusual. The examination can also identify an enlarged prostate or inflammation. An enlarged prostate might be typical as men age. But prostate inflammation might be a sign of an infection requiring treatment.

In my case, the results of several DREs over several years, even by many doctors, reported everything to be smooth and normal even though my tumour was the size of two golf balls! Therefore, I’m grateful my doctor recommended regular PSA testing even though I had a smooth prostate and no symptoms of prostate cancer.

Over the years, my PSA continued to rise. An MRI identified a significant abnormality in my prostate, and a targeted prostate biopsy was positive for cancer. The cancer was in the final stage before breaching the prostate, even though I had no symptoms. And even though the tumour was massive, it was out of reach of the DRE. If it weren’t for regular PSA testing that identified rising results over the years, I might not have known until it spread.

Gogs’ YouTube video and Article about the DRE

For more details about the DRE, please watch my YouTube video below;

And you can also read my article about the DRE below;

The Prostate and the Digital Rectal Exam

Therefore, men should consider including the PSA blood test and the DRE in annual physicals. And Dr. Spratt on Twitter wholeheartedly agrees.

dre, digital rectal exam

As the DRE missed my tumour, discussing the pros and cons of the PSA blood test with your doctor is important. To learn more about the PSA blood test, please read my article below;

Gogs gets a PSA Blood Test

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my prostate cancer diagnosis and lessons learned. You can listen to all my medical posts under Gogs’ Medical Testing.

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