Gogs in Japan 2018

My wife and I are back from a fantastic Japanese vacation. We had an incredibly memorable and relaxing time soaking in the hot springs at Manza Onsen Nisshinkan. We enjoyed riding the trains at Shinjuku Station throughout the entire city of Toyko. We ended our stay with a visit to Tokyo Disneyland.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that we would love to repeat.

gogs gagnon in japan

While on our trip, I made a few journal entries. Please enjoy our memories.

Journal Entry One

After landing at Narita Airport and gathering our luggage, we each bought a Suica card and loaded it with money. It’s a prepaid chip card that allows you to buy tickets for trains, buses, and taxis and purchase items in convenience stores and vending machines throughout Greater Tokyo. And the remaining balance is displayed every time you use the card.

From there, we took the subway from the airport to Shinjuku Station, the largest train station in Tokyo, serving over one million passengers daily! The subway was very clean, and everyone was very polite.

After a short ride, we arrived in Shinjuku and had to walk through the station to get to our hotel. We learnt quickly to follow the locals’ lead to walk efficiently in large crowds. And remember, this station serves over one million people a day! If you keep walking, even slowly, the people will all flow nicely around you. However, it would be best if you didn’t stop unless there is a place to pull over. Otherwise, you might end up stuck in the center of a huge crowd waiting for an opening to start walking again.

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